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COVID 19 Safety Glasses and Goggles

Offering enhanced protection PPE against the coronavirus (COVID 19) these safety glasses and safety goggles features/specifications will dramatically reduce any likelihood of infection through your eyes.

  • Prevent Covid particles from entering your eyes – proven transmission route and means of being infected
  • Competitor products often offer large gaps around your eyes through which you can be infected
  • Anti-Fog Coatings available, stop them fogging up with your mask
  • ‘Full Seal’ models create a barrier between your eyes/face and the potentially infected air

These models are available in prescription and non-prescription.

View our FAQ about this range at the bottom of the page.

COVID19 is spread primarily through respiratory droplets (World Health Organisation). These droplets can be breathed in by anyone, but they can also land on your eyes and infect you through ocular transmission. Therefore it is important in the battle against the coronavirus to protect your eyes.

Whilst normal glasses provide some protection against these infected droplets, the glasses and goggles in this range offer enhanced protection. Special note should be paid to the models featuring ‘Full Seal‘ protection, meaning that they create a seal around your eyes to keep out those droplets from almost any angle, making them perfect for frontline health workers.

Find out more in our COVID19 and Optical Transmission blog post

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to research published in British Medical Journals, COVID19 can infect through ocular transmission as infected respiratory droplets land on the surface of eyes and enter your system this way.

If you are spending time indoors, with close proximity to others, you should consider eye protection to further decrease your chanced of infection, alongside a mask.
NHS workers include eyewear as part of their full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) against infection.

The chosen models in this list have specific features that enhance their protection against COVID.
All of these models are close fitting, especially when they are worn with their included retainer cords, pulling them tight against your face. When there are no gaps exposed to the air, your eyes are safer from infection.
The 'Full Seal' models do this job best.

Models with 'Full Seal' include:
- PDX Extreme Goggles
- OnGuard 220FS
- OnGuard 120FS
- OnGuard 110FS

Whilst any barrier in front of your eyes will aid in the prevention of infection, the bigger the gaps the less safe the models. Cheap models are plentiful on the market, but these will not be tight fitting and expose you to a higher risk of infection, it is not worth the risk. Our models have proven popular with many healthcare workers, from surgeons to nurses, and we are an official supplier to the NHS.

Yes - all of these models are available in prescription when you choose the 'Buy with Prescription' button.

Our Permanent Anti-Fog Coating is extremely popular for keeping away fog or condensation, especially when used in conjunction with a mask or face visor etc.
If you are wearing a face shield or visor infront of these goggles/glasses then you should avail of our Anti-Reflection coating, to minimize light distortion and reflection between the two reflective surfaces.
For healthcare workers, a Super-Hydrophobic Coating can be applied, to make washing easier, however this is non standard and you would need to contact us.

Absolutely, if you are buying more than one pair of goggles/glasses you should consider getting in touch with us for a discount.
Safety Protection Glasses has a Corporate Account scheme entitling employers to higher discounts, free samples and more. Contact us at Chris@SafetyProtectionGlasses.com for more details or a quote.


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