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Athermal Green Lenses

Safety Protection Glasses Athermal green lenses are of the highest quality providing you with additional viewing for completing your welds.  Whether you are new to welding or have been in the industry for years, these welding glasses use passive filter lenses that are a great option when welding.

Our welding lenses are the highest quality available.  Manufactured using Schott glass from Europe you will notice that the lenses have no striations or inclusions.  Our lenses will offer you great visual acuity which will provide additional clarity when completing your welds.

Our Athermal Green lenses are available in a range of sizes including Small, Large or Circular.

Our lenses provide superior Green IR Protection for exceptional safety. 

The high quality, low price athermal green lenses will be an attractive option to any welder seeking a product which is the best on the market.  Have a look at our range and contact us for further details.


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