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Torching and Brazing Eyewear

Safety Protection Glasses hold a range of Torching and Brazing Glasses for every type of torch work.  Our glasses are made with optical-quality German glass lenses and come in all shades of Green IR 2.0 through 8.0 and Cobalt Blue Glass (which is typically used during torchwork, brazing, and Molten metal observation where a full face mask is not needed).

The range is designed to be lightweight, comfortable and to remain secure throughout use.

If you are welding you will know that UV light can cause “Welder Flash” or ‘arc eye’, and this is most common when using welding torches.

The most typical eye burns that a welder may experience are flash burns, this is the same as getting sunburnt on your eyes.  You should ensure that your glasses lenses meet the test for transmission of this type of radiation.  You should always wear suitable eye protection when doing any gas welding and oxygen cutting operations.

Welders demand high quality welding shades, keeping their eyes injury free form hazards such as burns and exposure to arc rays.  Safety Protection Glasses carry a range of Torching and Brazing Glasses for this purpose.

Not sure which shade you need?  Click ‘Read More’ to find out the minimum you should be considering.

Find out more about our clip on flip up welding glasses

Operation Minimum Recommended Filter Shade
Torch Soldering 2.0
Torch Brazing 3.0
Light Cutting up to 1 Inch 3.0
Medium Cutting 1 to 6 Inches 5.0
Heavy Cutting more than 6 Inches 5.0
Gas welding, light, up to 1/8 Inch 5.0
Gas welding, medium, 1/8 to 1/2 Inch 5.0

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