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Laser Strike Eyewear

The FAA has estimated that there will be 12,000 laser strikes reported this year.  The trend has been increasing at an alarming rate.  Safety Protection Glasses provides Laser Strike Eyewear to protect pilots whilst in the air.

Our Laser Strike Eyewear is designed to be worn under headsets or helmets and is a lightweight construction to ensure comfort.  The polycarbonate lenses will provide a clear viewing area for your instrumentation without distortion.  Our Laser Strike Eyewear provides protection from all 3 laser colour spectrums.

Originally designed for US Military pilots, this technology is now available to civilian pilots.

Laser Strike Eyewear is being used by both military and civilian pilots around the world. Standard Operating Procedures have mandated that Laser Strike Eyewear is worn on all flights below 10,000 feet and for takeoffs and landings.

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