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Papoose Boards

Our range of Papoose boards includes Adult Papoose Boards, Child Papoose Boards and Infant Papoose Boards

Each board is a short term medical stabilisation board.  This can be used to restrict a patient’s movement which in turn decreases the risk of injury during treatment.

All of our boards are MRI safe, radiolucent and so are specially made to be used within a medical imaging setting.

The Boards are all metal and latex free and come with a 1 year warranty.  They have been designed with a hanging hole so they are easy to store when not required.

The complete set of our boards includes

  • board
  • padded three tier flap set,
  • padded head strap and four arm / wrist straps. 

The Boards are constructed of three tier flaps.  These are secured using a hook and loops system to hold the patient in place and reduce struggling.  As the Board is designed in a diagonal this allows the flaps to be criss-crossed over the body to secure the patient.

Each Board is supplied with four arm / wrist straps which can be used to provide additional restraint.  They can also be used on their own if required.

The flexible design of our boards means that any of the selective flaps can be opened on their own.  Therefore the patient remains in place with the others firmly closed.  This increases the examination area of the patient.

They are also supplied with an adjustable head strap which provides a method of stabilisation while the patient is in transfer.

Find out more information on our Adult Papoose Boards, Child Papoose Boards and Infant Papoose Boards.

If you need additional information on any of our products you can contact us at support@safetyprotectionglasses.com to speak to one of our advisors.

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