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Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Sales, Sex Act | 0 comments

Kensington escorts

Kensington escorts

There are many reason why you should date Kensington escorts but I am going to cover the three main reasons why you should date Kensington escorts. I have dated a lot of different escorts but I have found that Kensington escorts are the best. Okay, there are escorts in other parts of London, but Kensington escorts really rock my world. Needless to say, Kensington escorts agencies are great as well.

I got into dating Kensington girls through a really good friend of mine. He said that you have not dated until you have dated Kensington girls, and he was right. I say let other chaps date other London escorts, and I will stick to my hot Kensington babes.


I love the ethnic diversity amongst Kensington ladies. If you are looking from hot girls to date from all over the world, you just need to contact a couple of Kensington escort agencies. They will be able to tell you if they have something exotic to try out. I have recently dated a bit of hot black stuff from Trinidad from my local agency, and before her, I dated a real stunner from Poland.

I like girls from Eastern European countries. They tend to be more broad and open minded than English girls and I have had some amazing experiences with them. On top of that, they are more unspoilt as well and they all have lovely natural tits which is something I really like.

I am not into all of that fake stuff such as big lips or enhanced bosoms. Give me some real woman and I am quite happy.


Okay, lets be honest here. When you are dating escorts you are always looking for a true sexy companion. Kensington babes are the only babes that can give me that. Many of them used to be lingerie models and porn stars, and I just love to be able to think that I am dating a porn stars. A couple of my friends don’t believe that I go out for dinner with porn stars, but it is true – I do have dinner with sexy porn stars.
Dining with porn stars is the ultimate dining experience, shall we say.


Now, I work really long hours so being able to date 24/7 suits me down to the ground. A lot of agencies don’t provide that kind of service but you will find that in Kensington. It is great to be able to come away from work, feeling in need of a sexy companion and dial up a hot babe. This is actually one of the main reasons I use, and will continue to use, Kensington agencies. That and the hot Kensington babes who are the life blood in my life.

If you haven’t discovered hot babes and girls in Kensington yet, you should try. Many gents dream of dating hot former porn stars and lingerie models, but few make it a reality. With Kensington girls you can make it a reality, and I suggest you dial up the nearest Kensington agency and take a girl out for a hot date.

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