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New Nike Anti-Radiation Glasses are here

New Nike Anti-Radiation Glasses are here. Safety Protection Glasses Blog

Safety Protection Glasses are happy to announce that we are now carrying the latest assortment of Nike’s anti-radiation glasses. Although many may associate Nike glasses with sports related activities, and the possibility of getting them with high prescriptions, they continue to enter into the foray of some of the highest quality safety glasses on the market. 

Nike anti-radiation glasses are an excellent option for those that are seeking this type of protective eyewear. Eyewear that meets all the necessary standards to protect your eyes from excessive radiation exposure while being designed in a sleek and stylish way. 

Nike knew that wearing glasses all day could be frustrating for people and have ensured in their construction of these anti-radiation glasses that they would have the frames as lightweight as possible for that all day comfort. 

Nike 7039 Model 

Coming in at only 83 grams, the Nike 7039 model is a great start to our dive into their latest offering. These come in four distinct tones and colours such as Matte Black, Matte Obsidian, Matte Dark Grey, and Matte Brown Basalt. 

This model comes with SF-6 Schott glass lenses that provide the equivalent of .75mm Pb and are also distortion-free. They are constructed with TR-90 Nylon material, so it weighs so little yet stay so durable. They come in a rectangular shape and style. 

Nike Cool Down Anti-Radiation model 

These oval shaped frames are ideal for those that have a large bridge and temple size to accommodate larger faces as well. The Nike Cool Down glasses come in six colours, with three black variants as well as Matte Amethyst Ash, Velvet Brown and Obsidian. 

They come with the exact same protection as the Nike 7039 Model with the .75MM Pb equivalent level of safety by including the SF-6 Schott glasses. For those who want to add an additional layer of design and uniqueness, we’re able to add engravings to certain parts of the frame for an additional fee. 

Nike Rebelry Anti-Radiation glasses

The final frames for review are our Nike Rebelry anti-radiation glasses. These come in a square shaped frame and are our largest option available with a wide 20mm bridge. It comes in Matte Black and Black, as well as Raw and Matte Raw. 

Of course, they offer the same high level of protection as the other Nike anti-radiation frames with the same protection specifications as above. When it comes to wearing these all day, the Nike Reberly model is our lightest one of the three, coming in at only 79g of total weight.

With these three solid choices that fit all head shapes and sizes, as well as all styles, you’re bound to find a choice that will have you looking your best while at the same time giving that necessary eye protection needed against radiation. 

These are excellent for those that work extensively with X-rays all day long and shouldn’t even be given a second thought when considering whether to grab a pair of these glasses or not. 


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