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Why I Stay Single

Getting married or staying single is very much a lifestyle choice these days. In years past, I think that a lot of women got married because they needed a man to support them. That is not true anymore and I am sure that a lot of women are beginning to realise that. I do earn really good money at London escorts, and like so many other girls who work as London escorts, I have decided to stay single. It could be that things will change later, but I don’t think so.

When I am not at London escorts, I feel that there are so many other things that I would like to do. I often feel that I have had enough of gents when I come away from London escorts. At some pint, I feel that I want my time to be my own. It may surprise you, but many London escorts have got some interesting hobbies and other things that they do outside of London escorts. I have even got a friend who is studying to be a QC. There is no way that she would be able to fit in a man in her life.

I do think that having a partner can be demanding as well. When I listen to some of the gents that I date at London escorts talk, I realize that they are often tied down by a partner. It often sounds like they are disappointed that they got themselves involved in personal relationship. Many of them sound like they would prefer dating London escorts on a professional basis than having a permanent partner. I really do know how they feel.

London escorts is the place where I work, and when I come home, I want my time to be my own. As I have worked very hard for what I have got, I like to spend time in my apartment. In many ways, my apartment has become my sanctuary away from London escorts. This is where I let the creative side of me flow and enjoy the other side of life. A lot of the girls at charlotte London escorts tend to live two lives and I think it helps to keep you sane. Working for a charlotte London escorts service can be pretty stressful when it comes down to it.

Yes, London escorts have given me a great lifestyle and I intend to enjoy it. I have so many things that I would like to do, and I am not sure that fitting in a partner is right for me at all. Over the years I have become very selfish. I like to go to bed when I want to and I enjoy eating when I like. If I want to go to bed reading a good book, that is exactly what I do. Life can’t all be about excitement. Sometimes I think that you need to chill out a little bit as well. Like I say to the other girls at London escorts, there is nothing wrong with enjoying your own company from time to time. Do you know what? I am actually really happy in my own company.

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Sexually Connecting

In this day and age when we all work so hard, it is not always easy to connect with your other half Believe me, taking time out to fulfill and deliver on your relationships commitments, is often easier said than done. It takes a lot of effort on both parties, and you sort of need to set aside a special time. I work for Heathrow escorts, and my boyfriend works as a car mechanic, finding the right time to get together is not always easy. Heathrow escorts involves working nights a lot, and when I come home, my boyfriend has often gone to work. It is not easy at all.

Every so often I try to get some time off from Heathrow escorts, just so we can have some down time together. Most of the time, it is rather tough, but I enjoy the time we spend together. One of my favourite things to do is to give sensual massages, and my boyfriend seems to be really into that as well. I obviously do a lot of that sort of thing at Heathrow escorts, but for a guy who works as a car mechanic, he is not bad at it all.

Another thing that we like to do together when I am at home during the weekend from Heathrow escorts, is just to go for a walk together. My boyfriend is also into the gym, but I prefer to exercise outside. When he is working, and to keep myself fit for Heathrow escorts, I jog a lot and that is what makes me happy. But, my boyfriend does not really like jogging, so most of the time we just go for a walk together. It is really romantic to be able to walk around holding hands. You can tell I am rather soppy, can’t you?

I also like cooking, and my boyfriend likes to eat. Of course, I never get the chance to cook for my dates at Heathrow escorts, so I make the most of cooking at home. Food is really important in a relationship, and is one of those things that can make you connect more closely. Some of my dates at the cheap Heathrow escorts have food fetishes but I would not say that is the same thing as sitting down to have a meal together. A nice glass of wine and some candles can make a real difference.

When I leave Heathrow escorts, I would love to be a relationship consultant. I am sure that I could help a lot of couples to enhance their relationships. It is not the easiest thing in the world to do, and you have to be prepared to work at it. If you are not prepared to work on your relationship, I don’t think that you will stand a chance as a couple. Most of my dates at Heathrow escorts are single guys who never give anyone a chance, and that is what you need to be prepared to do at the end of the day.

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Earls Court escorts – making ends meet

Earls Court escorts – making ends meet

Pickles from Earls court escorts at says that she is often asked why she became an escort by her dates. It is kind of funny she says. They tell me that I am too smart to be an escort but I have learned that all escorts are pretty smart. Personally, I am only going to be working here for another six months and then I am off to study history in Cambridge. The thing is that I did not want to end up with a huge amount of debt, and I decided to work for a while. it was this or lap dancing and escorting is more profitable than lap dancing. Now, I can go off to university and come out without any debts or having to work in McDonalds.

waiting for you tonight here at earls court escorts

waiting for you tonight here at earls court escorts

Many girls work as London escorts or Earls Court escorts just to make some money before they do something. The Better Sex Guide has spoken to quite a few of the girls. Some of them opt for higher education but many other do something else. That something else include starting their own businesses and going traveling. Some of them even move away abroad permanently after having left their escorts agency.

Having no debts is a very active proposition to most ladies not only Earls court escorts. It is very difficult and expensive to buy your own home these days. So, why not work hard for a couple of years and then buy your own home. If you have cash left over you can set up your own business and lead an independent life. This is exactly what many of the girls are doing. They work hard and safe smart, and by the end of the escort career, they will have achieved a good quality lifestyle which they may not otherwise have achieved.

Alan runs a leading Earls court escorts agency. He says that he has many girls leave to set up their own business. It is quite funny he says, I seem to have a lot of tough business ladies working for me. Girls have left the agency to set up candle factories,s tart hand bags shops and even study quantum physics, he says with a smile. The ladies who do this have something special about them and always keep in touch. last year I had to go to MIT in the USA to see one of my girls get a PhD in aerospace engineering, I cried, he says. It was just amazing.

I don’t know why but I do have some very smart ladies working for me here at Earls Court escorts, says Alan. What I like is that they are totally focused and get on with the job. We never have any problems with drugs or alcohol, and this I see as a real blessing. Okay, so all of the girls are smarter than me but I don’t mind, he laughs, I enjoy their company and call them Alan’s Angels. They are polite and treat me and each other with respect, and that matters a lot to me.

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Kensington escorts

Kensington escorts

There are many reason why you should date Kensington escorts but I am going to cover the three main reasons why you should date Kensington escorts. I have dated a lot of different escorts but I have found that Kensington escorts are the best. Okay, there are escorts in other parts of London, but Kensington escorts really rock my world. Needless to say, Kensington escorts agencies are great as well.

I got into dating Kensington girls through a really good friend of mine. He said that you have not dated until you have dated Kensington girls, and he was right. I say let other chaps date other London escorts, and I will stick to my hot Kensington babes.


I love the ethnic diversity amongst Kensington ladies. If you are looking from hot girls to date from all over the world, you just need to contact a couple of Kensington escort agencies. They will be able to tell you if they have something exotic to try out. I have recently dated a bit of hot black stuff from Trinidad from my local agency, and before her, I dated a real stunner from Poland.

I like girls from Eastern European countries. They tend to be more broad and open minded than English girls and I have had some amazing experiences with them. On top of that, they are more unspoilt as well and they all have lovely natural tits which is something I really like.

I am not into all of that fake stuff such as big lips or enhanced bosoms. Give me some real woman and I am quite happy.


Okay, lets be honest here. When you are dating escorts you are always looking for a true sexy companion. Kensington babes are the only babes that can give me that. Many of them used to be lingerie models and porn stars, and I just love to be able to think that I am dating a porn stars. A couple of my friends don’t believe that I go out for dinner with porn stars, but it is true – I do have dinner with sexy porn stars.
Dining with porn stars is the ultimate dining experience, shall we say.


Now, I work really long hours so being able to date 24/7 suits me down to the ground. A lot of agencies don’t provide that kind of service but you will find that in Kensington. It is great to be able to come away from work, feeling in need of a sexy companion and dial up a hot babe. This is actually one of the main reasons I use, and will continue to use, Kensington agencies. That and the hot Kensington babes who are the life blood in my life.

If you haven’t discovered hot babes and girls in Kensington yet, you should try. Many gents dream of dating hot former porn stars and lingerie models, but few make it a reality. With Kensington girls you can make it a reality, and I suggest you dial up the nearest Kensington agency and take a girl out for a hot date.

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The World is Full of Single Men

The World is Full of Single Men

Well, London is certainly full of single men. Working for London escorts I have discovered that most of the local gents that I date are single. When I first joined the escorts agency, I though I was going to be dating a lot of frustrated married men, but that isn’t so at all. The majority of the chaps that I date are young, and single. Yes, I do date other as well, but the rest of the gents that I date, seem to be from abroad. They are either visiting London on business or have just traveled here because of a particular reason.

Speaking to other London escorts, I have found that many of them also date a lot of local single gents. Even though most people probably think that I am some sort of blonde bimbo, I thought it was interesting so I started to ask my gents why. I got a surprising range of answers. Some of them were pretty sad, and others were just very much practical. It was kind of an odd experience asking the question, but at the same time, it was interesting to have the answers. Some of the girls did the same thing, and came up with more or less identical answers.

It seems that a lot of gents date London escorts because they don’t have time for relationships. They are rushing to work in the morning, and often spend long hours at work. The vast majority of them have tried having relationships, but most of the time they have not worked out. The biggest problem seems to be the time factor, and most of my dates simply don’t have the time to foster relationships. When they get home from work, they may just want to have something to eat and go to bed.

I wonder what is going to happen to us all. The single man now seems to be the norm here in London, and perhaps we are going to all be singeltons in the future. Companion services such as London escorts may be proper professional services in the future, and we may not be living with our partners. This is quite a common lifestyle in some countries already, and I find it a bit sad. But then again, I am personally finding it difficult to have time for relationships, so I can understand how this can be happening with today’s modern lifestyles.

Speaking to my friends at London escorts, I have discovered that we are all working really hard to keep a roof over our heads here in London. Living in London is rally expensive and it can be tough to make ends meet. Is this what our lives are going to be all about? Are we going to end up chasing every penny so that we have a small apartment and enough food? In that case, I am going to save all of my money and go and live somewhere else. I don’t think that I would be able to live without genuine human companionship.

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London escorts – a secret society

London escorts – a secret society

Is there a secret society of escorts in London? There are a lot of rumors that there is a secret society of escorts in London It seems that not all girls who want to become VIP or elite escorts in London make it. Some girls who are on the outside looking in, are beginning to wonder if there is a secret society of escorts in London. Do they only award jobs and top position to certain ladies, and what do escorts know about their dates. Some gents even claim that some of the top escorts in London have formed a secret society.

Why would top London escorts want to form a secret society? Could it be that some of these girls date certain elite gents, and they do not want to be indiscreet about their dates? Many of the girls who work for the top London agencies do have some very famous gents who like to come and see them. It is said that the society was started back in the 60’s by a very famous madame. She did not want elite gents to fell threaten by escorts, and therefore only appointed certain girls to work as escorts. This could very well be true as many of London top elite seem to frequent certain escorts agencies in London.

So, what do these special London escorts do? It seems that many of these ladies do date the elite gents of London, and pass certain information in between them. When a gent turns up at the door of an escort who is a member of the society, she immediately knows his taste and his personal dating preferences. There is no need to explain, and the gent’s needs and desires are immediately taken care of in a very personal sort of way. This may have been going for a long time.

At the end of the day, it is probably very comfortable for these gents to date certain London escorts. They know that they can trust the escorts that they date, and there names are not going to end up in the paper. This can often happen when there are girls who decide to go for a quick buck, and sign a tell it all story contract with a leading newspaper. Just look at Jeffrey Archer, he was very much mislead by at least a couple of London escorts. Everything ended up in the papers and had disastrous consequences for Mr Archer. Perhaps it is indeed best to stick to certain escorts.

How do you gain entry into the secret society of London escorts? Some girls who have wanted to become elite escorts have tried to access the society but no one has succeeded. It is said that this society is not that different from the Masons, and have girls who have been initiated at different levels. Some girls are free to date business men, other girls may date high ranking politicians. The jury is still out on if this society exists or not, but more than likely it does.

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